Curious questions deserve curious answers!

What are your Shipping Rates?

USA = $8

CANADA = $12


Additional Items in one order are subject to weight.

When do you ship your posters?

Due to the high amount of posters leaving our studio (*Blush), we only have time for one drop off a week. That is Friday.

What happens if I need what I ordered sooner?

Just Email us at [email protected] and let us know. Don't forget your to tell us what you ordered.

Can I get more than one poster?

Yes! Email us at [email protected] and let us know what you want. We will then send you a reduced shipping rate. Otherwise, continue to add them to your Paypal cart. then check out. Shipping should adjust itself.

Where do you ship?

All over the world! (Everywhere)

Do you re-print sold out posters?

Sadly, we do not. That wouldn't make it very much fun for collectors.

Are all your posters silk-screen?

Most of them. We do some here and there that are printed 4 color process. We don't generally sell those.

Will you speak at our _____?

Yes Indeed! Email us and we can talk about it.

How about interviews?

Totally! You can check our about page for some that we have done, or drop us a line and we will be glad to discuss.

Will you hang out with us?

Sure! We are always down to party. If we are heading to your town, please drop us a line!

Will you make a _____ for my _____?

Hmmmm? Email us and we can talk about it.

Are you looking for help or Interns?

Sorry, not at this time. It is just the two of us for now. Thanks for the interest though.

Will you look at my portfolio?

Sadly, we are just too busy. If you found us, we are sure your work is top notch. Keep it up!

Will you print something I designed?

Sorry, we can not.

Will you give us free stuff?

If you see us out at a show, chances are we have free stuff.

What is a Bubble Process?

It has nothing to do with bubbles, but everything to do with where we lived and how we work, and a certain game we used to play.

What are some of your favorite things?

(in no specific order) DEVO, pizza, Taco Tonto's burritos, Great Lakes beer, animated gifs, presents, and terrible movies.

Does your name have anything to do with Bubble Hash?

Sadly, no. We found that on Google too, and it made us laugh.