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A decade + dream project.

Sean + Rez // The Bubble Process

The Bubble Process is a two-person design and illustration project built on this foundation: good food, good music, good time. In 2006 we, (Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek), decided to make our dream job since no one else had made it for us, so here we are doing exactly what we love. The two of us met in 1999 at Kent State University and have been best friends ever since. We live apart, (Ohio and Connecticut) but come together via the World Wide Web (virtually inseparable - pun intended!), passing files, ideas, notes and jokes with digital ease, class and style.

Our Process

We work in two different states, taking advantage of each other's schedules. We pass files back and forth to each other in a never-ending game of tag. Someone starts, someone finishes, but as long as we're having fun, it is a game we'll keep playing. We started this process back in college at Kent State circa 2002, and have been playing ever since. Game on!

The Bubble Process

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Weapons of Mass Creation

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